I was raised in a traditional Persian Family where cooking from scratch and preparing food was an ongoing cherished practice. After moving to the U.S. I graduated with a degree of Architecture from IIT in Chicago.  Through my appreciation for Ancient Persia , I realized my passion for cooking, and shifted my focus. I launched my catering career using Ancient Persian flavors and cultural heritage from my birthplace of Guilan. I hold great reverence for authentic Persian dishes that highlight the diverse flavors, herbs, and ingredients. My recipes hold the stories of centuries of meals and the people who made them. I’m keeping these traditions alive while creating something new. This is my offering to the world: Culinary Diversity, plate by plate, to a new home. To a new palate.


Marjan’s Persian Kitchen is a social enterprise in the food industry that strives to be a presenter and ambassador of the culinary traditions and innovations of Iran, focused on the province of Guilan. Our aim is to attain the highest standards of corporate citizenship, and innovation, while reintroducing the world to the rich culinary legacy of an often overlooked region of the world with an emphasis on the ancient Persian health and culinary wisdom.

The Mediterranean setting of Guilan (Northern Iran) and its intersection of deep forest, mountain and the Caspian see has provided ample inspiration for culinary creativity. The Caspian region of Iran is known for the bounty of great olives, rice, citrus, tea, caviar and sea food.